Sunday, 22 March 2009


Excitedly,I had 2 dinners tonite with Fairy and Marwan.Then another late dinner at Bobo's new place.Im on my cozy bed now hiding myself under the duvet;p.Well,Tasha is currently skype-ing with the bf who's in Melbourne while i sibuk blogging and reading the comments..Thank u to those who dropped the comments which really touched me.I was down and couldnt think whats best for me.To 142165,ur number exactly like my student id,thanks so much for the words.I'll take it as as a booster for motivation level.Whats past is always past.Get over it and moving on thats what im telling myself.No point of crying,thinking,overwhelming which really wasted!Im stepping away from 7 years of loving,3 years of admiring,1 month of getting to know,weeks of wasting my tears and get carried away.Haish,horrible.I now will keep smiling so the pain goes away and hope my inner shine!

Oh yea,I watched my so-nak sgt must watch movie Confession Of Shopaholic.Superb!Hope they'll do second one next year!Debt and debt!Girls thingy,shopping can cause u millions!Im loving each of the scene.Dramatic sungguh!Those who loves Sophie Kinsella's book,pls la watch it.U gonna admire Luke Brandon yg hunk!Melting....;p

The pillows is so comfy okay.My puffy eyes dah slowly nak tutup.I shall say goodbye.Talk to ya soon Lovies!Hope to have nice Sunday with nice wheather.Its freezing though although its SPRING!!



Anonymous said...

a positive day come with a positive thinking and a great smiling 1421625

fAirY said...

babe! i'm alwiz here for u *hugs*