Monday, 2 November 2009

"And when the Quran is recited,then listen to it and remain silent,that mercy may be shown to you"

The past few days,I was vulnerable.I cried the whole week thinking how hard my life turned out.I texted Papa and Mama.I know Mama will be here this friday but I seriously couldn't hold my feelings.Both of them sent me the same smses.

"Pray and recite quran to make you feel better"

So I did.I realised I have been so snobbish to Allah.I have forgotten Him for a while.I have neglected my responsibility as His humble servant.Tasha told me

"You jangan sombong sangat dgn Allah.

Then Aunt Angah texted me Doa for me to recite every morning.

My heart shattered."A Broken promise is a betrayal of trust".I couldn't believe im trapped and drowned again.And again,it left me with another bruised.

Things happened with a good reason.Allah has given me strong heart to go through all this and standing on my feet to get up from my big fall again.

We coloured our own life.Ya Allah,Please guide and lead me to a better future.Amin.