Saturday, 28 November 2009

The end of Nur Kasih

The end of tragedy which really petrified Nur Amina's life.Adam and Nur Amina finally got back together.Im glad the end of Nur Kasih was good.I shall give credits to Khabir Bhatia for doing great job.Nur Kasih has been the main highlight since June and everyone in Dublin inc me looking forward to watch it every Friday.So this is it.Nur Kasih's series ended during the Eid Adha.

I was amazed with Adam's quote.

"Tuhan takkan menduga kita lebih dari ape yang kita mampu tanggung"

The quote is precise.I must agreed with that.It is definite.There will always be a good reason of something or Hikmah.Good things is from Allah.Karma never exist in Islam.There was one time, a friend of mine corrected me when I wrote my status "karma will bite you back".It should be qada' and qadar.and again,Nur Kasih series has left good impact to everyone.Khabir Bhatia has inserted good value in his story.Too much to be elaborated but i learnt something from this series.

Oh,I skipped the solat raya this morn.I woke up around 9 and there goes my eid prayers.I received few calls during the morning and smses for raya all the way fr Msia.Thank you!Luckily I managed to speak to PapaMama after they got back from Melaka since the line was sucks big time.Lol.I think Melaka should upgrade the line though!

Anyways,Serene rang us up for dinner at hers.So I baked her my traditonal fav cake-Kuih Bakar since today's menu was more traditional.Its RAYA kan!Innitially I thought of baking brownies but since I havent tried before, i sticked to my Kuih Bakar.The food was fab-sedap-nak-mati.Besides that.I have made a surprised for Serene and Nuar by wearing hijab to their place.Haha.Serene was asking me,kenapaaa?Haha.Its so akward seeing me with hijab but who knows I might change kan?InsyaAllah soon!

Few Snaps!

Licin kot everything:p


this would be my fav pick,

Fairy & I

Happy Eid Adha muslims.

p/s:no such thing of korban kasih ok.korban la lembu or kambing rather than kasih.haha:p


Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

u look soo comel wearing tudung..

Akmaelinda said...

ouch,thanks huddy darling!kalu i jadi nur amina mcm manaaa?


yuyu aziz said...

oh god makcik, awak tgk nur kasih??? anyway awak mmg comel pakai tudung... sweet sgt~

Anonymous said...

saper nak jd Adam.?

asyizz said... suwittt tgk awak pakai tudung!!still remember wut i nazar zmn dulu2 kema??huhu..sorg sudah, tgl akma je nih..huhu..will pray for ur happiness my dear fren :D