Monday, 30 November 2009

Baby Rayyan

Everytime I miss my friends,I will go through friends album and laugh at the pictures.Thats the only way when you miss having them around.I extremely miss being around with my loud and kayypoooh bgff Syikin ,Zuzu si Zhafri,Syapha and Mimie.We were the most kaypooh gang back in secondary school.I know some might hate us because we were too loud and we made fun of people*COUGH*.

Recently,Mimi just gave a birth to an adorable lil boy named Abiel Rayyan.As adorable as his name,everyone in the gang was so happy having him as part of us.Jep claimed he is the god father and lil rayyan has to call him babah.Omggg Jep,over tau!I can't wait for another baby in the gang.Syikin,pls take note:)

So Hello Baby Rayyan.Welcome to the world and Congrats Mimi & Bard.I love both of u and the baby too.Glad you both became Mummy & Daddy.InsyaAllah,ill visit you sometimes next year.

Despite baby Rayyan,my baby*blerrrrghhh*,sent me his design.It is a gallery which I havent got any clue what gallery is that.Gosh architecture is soooo unacceptable.I found it very craps.Haha.Sorry syg,too bad im not an art person.

Me:"what the hell is that?"
Hilman:"Its a gallery atas awan"
Me:"what on earth u build the gallery atas awan"
Hilman:"You'll never understand the architecture,its beyond your expectation"

Fine.He dicthed me off.Eyyyyy,susahnya org art nie!Hahaha.

Leading up to this day,I miss him so much.I miss being around with an art student where we talk different language.We will ended asking each other

"You faham ke apa i cakap nie?"

and both nodded as in we understand the issue.



yuyu aziz said...

oh god sayang! this year je ade 4 org yg saye kenal beranak pastu namakan anak Rayyan. it's this year trend. like how 2 years back org ramai namakan anak Danish.... nasib Anaqi uniquely him ;)