Sunday, 15 November 2009

Nothing is worth more than this day

Syukur Alhamdulillah.After 2 years of juggling,stressing and crying,I managed to receive my scroll in front of Mum and the rest of guests & graduants although Dad wasnt here to share all these.I wish u were here to share the most anticipated day of my life.

Anyhow,the conferring was held in the evening.I woke up as early at 9 am & went for my makeover at Benefit Debenhams.The make-over was fab.I mean its naturally looks and not over doing it.Lil bit less better.Then heading home and dolled up.I wore my tailor-made kebaya which I really loved the design.

Fairy,Rina,Syira,Bobo,Ayman,Yan,Marina and housemates,were there to celebrate us.Thank you so much lovies!Those who sent me smses,again,Thanks alot.The ceremony was incomplete without Iskandar and Nurudin,thats for sure.They should have been here with us.Unfortunately,both are engaged with work and studies in Malaysia.


The result:)

Mommy and I

Ash & Tasha


I couldnt emphasize what was my feeling when James Browne called upon my name.It was mixed feelings.Sad,Happy and Proud.After all its worth of tears.Back then,i was excited during Uitm's graduation.Tak der rasa nak menangis but this time I almost dropped my tears because I have gone through ups and down throughout my studies path.A new beginning of life.

I would like to thank everyone who has been my support system through out years.Thank you for being there when i need a place to shelter.Besties,u all paling termuah.Im thankful for having wonderful friends who always boost my motivation level,who sent me smses,who called me when i was breaking down,who advised me in anyway,who concerned alot more than they should and who taught me to be strong person.

and also,

I would never done this without my pillar of strength .Thank you PapaMama for all those things.Thank you for the financial assist u have provided,forking out savings for the sake of my future,praying hard for me,rang me everyday to ensure im fine,listened to my studies,relationships and friends problems,remind me to recite quran and doa and not to mention,UNCONDITIONAL love.You both are my reason to live.


Myself.Recent Accounting and Finance graduates:)


S u H a I d A said...

Congratulation..your effort is worth..=)

Akmaelinda said...

tq kak sue.

Akmaelinda said...

tq kak sue.