Thursday, 12 November 2009

Our bonding:)

Despite being Daddy's girl,I am Mummy's girl as well.Haaa.I had amazing time with Mama in London although its only 3 days trip.We had another bonding,shopping,coffee-ing and heart to heart session in London.Everything was perfect.Undoubtedly,we wish Papa is here too.

Shopping was not the main purpose of going to London because we talked all the way.Non stop.1 and half year stories compiled during the trip.I cried,I laught and I mumbled.Aliaa has been really nice host.We did our pillow talk by the time Mama started to snooz.Haha.

The 1st day,we spent whole day shopping in Bicester.Suprisingly,I managed to control myself but Mama couldnt help herself spending.I begged her to buy me Mulberry small tote but she refused.She said I should buy my dream handbag rather than buying small tote because I had my Gucci last July.Fineeeeeeee:(.So I managed to get shoessssssss and few stuff.Well,I don't really mind as long everything was sponsored.Anyhow,she bought lots for Papa which made me so jealoussssss.Everytime we went into the shop,she'll be like
"Ni cantik for Papa".

We went to oxford street on the 2nd day.Mostly we spent on cousins,aunties and uncles' stuff but what I hate most was Mama bought 6 perfumes for herself.Darn.6 in a row ok.She went mad.She offered me only 1 perfume but I rejected because I really want her to buy me my dream bag.Percubaan kedua,GAGAL.I only got few tops.Mama asked me to be patient because I just got new handbag less than a year.

Being the only child is not the reason to be spoiled.I prefer to ask Papa rather than her because Mama often reminds me,"PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE".So my job was to accompany her buying her stuff throughout our trip.Anyhow,I redha jer because I know Mama will fulfill my dream bag later->In my dream!

We had starbucks everyday and started to talk more and more when we decided to stop for a coffee.Mama has been my bestfriend throughout my 24 years of living.She has became my place to talk everything.The past few weeks I was demoralize.I couldnt stop crying.Mama has played big role as a mother,sister and friend to me.She comforts me all the way to make me stop cying.I can't imagine myself without her and papa to be honest.I have no one except them.

Besides that,we had few dicussion regarding my future.I seriously wanna go home because I can't stand on my feet alone here especially when Im down.Home where I belong and no other place like home.Mama wants me to stay and so Papa.My decision to go back for good wasn't really good idea.I hope she can consider it and pursuade papa to let me go back.Amin.

Anyhow,I have 12 hours before my graduation.I wish Papa is here with us and share the moment he has been waiting for.Poor thing.Today,Papa turned 54 years old alone without us around especially Mama.He is currently battling with exam on his birthday.Good Luck Papa sayangggggggg.Mama and Adik have faith on u.Pls do it for us:)

I shall sleep by now.I have booked makeover's appointment at 9am.Haha.Sooo Good night lovies.Ill update more tomorrow.Ttyl


Hafizah said...

Congrats on ur graduatiion Day!!

Again..again...again...i wish ull be here in dec. ada exam ke?apa kata..balik jap!!


my baju nak siap dah!! gagaggaa!!
I lover u ,u know!!

come back and hug me ;)

Ijah chilly chilly Bang Bang.

yuyu aziz said...

yayangs!!! comelnya awak ngn mama awak! cute sangat! dah survey gucci bicester? ok tak price range?

oh can't wait to see u and geds together!

Ashikin said...

1stly, congrats on ur graduation my dear! finally. ur parents must be very proud of u.

2ndly, u had ur 1st lux gucci! so jgn mengada2!!! n stoplah buat aku jeles. xpe im saving now... n nanti aku beli handbag lg besar dr badan aku. lol.