Sunday, 13 May 2012


First up, let me apologise for my lack of blogging over the last week. April has been really perfect month to me as well as May.Loving it much.Frankly,life has been tremendous beautiful more than before.There are so many things happening to me these 2 months.Bali trip with my best friends forever (bff Alamanda & bff breakfast) turned out perfectly.

Our trip to Bali was seriously the bomb.We  stayed at Legian area.Had our manicure,pedicure,body massage,foot massage,sightseeing at Uluwatu,Tanah Lot and Jimbaran.Short and sweet.We really had fabulous time together besides the girl's trip mainly for G-reen who's getting married this November.Of course,we couldn't organize the hen's night since the other gang couldn't tag along.It's going to be so much fun if the rest of the gang were with us just like good old days in Dublin.

There is more excitement I would love to share.However,I decided not to mention in this entry.Just want to give you all a little heads up because things are going smooth sailing although I have experienced little bit drama.Every single day,I can't stop smiling.Most importantly,my prayers answered.I gained my strength to move forward without moving backward.And I might add,when it all happens and everything comes together.

Notwithstanding,I am really excited to treasure and have bit of joy.I would say,no more crying  over my past.At this juncture,some might know the fact I had get over my horrendous past .I am enjoying time of my life,spending quality time with friends and parents,struggling to achieve the best in my career,savings for future investment,scrapbook project,travelling, applying to be a part time lecturer in college and targeting to lose weight more and more( atleast 10kms a day for 60 minutes cardio) etc.

Turning 27 in 2 months time.I am just a little worried the fact I am no longer young.Well,I am expecting big pressie from parents.Hehs.Yesterday,I experienced a bit panic attacked and was stunned as in I never feel that way.A bit of cliche' but thanks to Marins for being my partner.My feet was cold,I am so nervous to death,over panic till I had ketibas moment(zomggg).It turned out more than I expected.Happy :))).

Anyways,I have big plan for tomorrow.Can’t wait till it eventuates, but if I am going to be honest,I hope it will be good as much as yesterday.To make other people happy is my mission.

 Special shout out to the greatest mothers out there.Happy Mother's Day.To Mama,Happy Mother's Day!I love you more than anything else in this world.None can replace.You made me what I am today.You are my bestie for entire life,you lend your shoulder to cry and always there for me.Thank you for being the greatest Mom to me and Papa.