Sunday, 27 May 2012

You and Me

Dear Love,

Remember when I first met you?
We were completely shy and didn't talk much,
Remember when we started to speak on the phone?
Felt like I have known you forever.
I didn't know the friendship we embarked in the 1st place turned into now.
I never thought a guy whom a stranger is literally a man in my life now.
You had 10 seconds pause on the phone,
From a shy,i-seriously-don't know what to talk guy turned into most unstoppable talking guy,
It was you my dear love..

Remember when you asked me out for a movie?
I felt like we are still in uni days where everything was completely awkward,
I didn't realize the strange thing is called love.
It feels like I never fall in love before...

Meeting you has changed my life tremendously,
From a girl who cries everyday reminiscing the past,
From a girl who confused with the feelings,
From a girl who can't get over a man she used to love,
From a girl who has the sceptical perception and never believed in love,
To a girl who devotes her life and willingly to give in again into a thing called relationship.

It's true every good and perfect gift is from Allah,
You are my best gift came in a package,
Although it took us a while to resolve and get into it,
You are the amazing package full of humour,cares,love and tenderness,
Its not about finding the perfect person but learning to see the imperfect person perfectly makes me admire you everyday in my life although to accept the flaws took me a while.

It was worth to wait because I always want to wear perfect shoes,
But I didn't know that the perfect shoes is just right in front of me,
I was too scared to get my heart broken again,
I was too paranoid to put the trust into a relationship,
Because I was once been betrayed and fall down,
But you simply captivated me.

I love the way you make me smile and laugh,
I love the little things you do,
I love the way you make your lame and annoying jokes,
I love the way you always crap and silly on the phone,
I love when you tease and imitate me,
I love when you reply my bbm and whatsapp with lousy emoticons,
I love when you smile everytime I tease you are "AzmanIsh"
You are simply amazing guy.

Coming into this relationship has been hard at times,
This journey is too early to justify,
This relationship is still sailing to the destination which we have no idea what is the ending,
Its either a happy or sad ending,
Sometimes I wonder if we have it too good to be true,
 I always wish that I have known you 10 years ago love.

I want you to know how much you mean to me,
How much you bring the joy to my life now,
You've filled my empty days with laughter,
You've made me seen the absolutely beautiful and lovely rainbows,
You colour my world with your goofyness,
You taught me to calm and chill everytime I get upset with certain things,
You mean the world to me.

Leading up to this day,

Thank you for being really patient,
With my imperfection,
with my moody mood,
with my i-want-to-sleep-so-can-we-stop-talking-on-the-phone,
with my never ending story.

I want you to know,
No matter what's coming up in future,
In good and bad times,
Maybe you'll be thousand miles away from me,
Pursuing your dreams,
Although I can't imagine my day without you day and night,

I will always here to support and waiting for you :)