Saturday, 19 May 2012

Happy Birthday Mr Stranger

I will admit that I am a scaredy-cat.  I worry about things and I usually sit, wait, ponder and think about every single for and against before I embark upon anything.  On Monday 14th May,I have planned to make a birthday surprise for my dear Mr Stranger.I tried to come up with excuses to ask him out which I think he has smelled the surprise I purposely plan for him.

So I changed the plan.I asked his cousin to bring him out.And...Supriseeeeeee!He was so calm when he saw me sitting on the table with balloons.He told me that he has expected the surprise.So yea,we had candle blowing session and polaroid moment.That's the least I can do to make Mr Stranger happy, a day before his real birthday which falls on 15th May.

"To the one who always there when I need a shoulder to cry,to lend your ears listening to my never ending work stories,the one who always teases me,the one who annoys me with his silly jokes and faces,the one who reminds me to be calm and chill,the one who makes me happy everyday in life,the one whom I called an Azman(muka melayu),the one who is so into golfing day and night,the one who listens Light FM in the car ,the one who calls me everyday to remind me "gym gym gym",the one who is very grounded person,the one who made me blushed and touched when he made a surprised pancake,the one who drives all the way to see me when I sulked,the one who can sense my merajuk mode";

Happy Birthday Mr Stranger.

Well, this year I have been trying to do more things which make my schedule more fully occupied.Futsal is a must for me every Monday although sometimes I would end up in the office instead of futsal court.The girls I played with are the bomb.They have all skills and it took me ages to catch up.But really,as age is catching up,my stamina can't cope with the game.Let me tell you that futsal is a risky game especially when you slip and fall down.You might get injured but it burns your fat more than running on treadmill.Haha.Of course running on treadmill everyday except weekend is compulsory to me.

It  is really amazing how great you feel when you do JUST DO IT. Health is a wealth.Healthy lifestyle and making myself to the gym to keep fit reminds me of those days when I was so energetic and active in  sports.Therefore,I keep up with an exercise at least 20 minutes to live longer.The older you get,the body might not coping with excessive exercise but atleast something to sweat.I have always feel energetic running on treadmill when I have the mood in the morning to run.I can happily work throughout the day after the shower!

Happy Exercising!