Saturday, 25 August 2012

Al- Baqarah

And seek help through patience and prayer, and indeed, it is difficult except for the humbly submissive [to Allah ]

Life, in essence, would be worthless without words. Though I don't know if everyone would agree with that fact (or even if I do), I am certain that my world is an infinitely better because of the words that fill its spaces and provide me with the tools necessary to convey my thoughts and emotions. Words change me every single day. They shift and shape my life and, recently, have helped me to transform my life from mere existence to a positive state of being. I am not certain that all would be lost if my life was void of words, but I know for sure that, without words, I would not be living; I would be merely existing. 

In Surah Al -Baqarah 2:45 mentioned,seek help through patience and prayer to Allah.I have came to a stage of giving up with life when something I adored too much became hardest battles I've ever have to fight for.Could there ever be an easy way to let go of an attachment?The empty space wasn't filled and every time I tried to fill it,it didn't go perfectly.I have to face another hardship and been tested again.

We are all aware of the power of words. One word said or read the wrong way can cause so much pain. The perfect words said at the perfect time can provide pure moments of bliss. Words are incredibly powerful and can be used both for good and bad.Some say,"you don't get over someone until you find something better".A better guy as companion or a guy to lead you to Jannah?

It is astounding to me to think about how much I have spent crying over something which is not worth.How scared I am of everything and its like a big gap has been punched through my heart.I cried and trying to understand the "hikmah" behind every single thing happened.I think the reason I can't handle this is because I have so many regrets.If I could go back and do things over,I would change everything.

Pursuant to my previous entry of This is love ,I truly believed that in every stranded journey,there's always another road to walk on and a destination of a long road will end those misery I have gone through.We can't let go of love because we haven't found something greater.We don't see the REAL THING,REAL VERSION and REAL MODEL.Therefore,patience is always virtue.I had same conversation with a good friend of mine,Marina on this matter too.She,who recently transformed,told me,find a way to build my path back to Allah.'In every lesson He has tested there's always a reason behind.

Seek help from HIM and HE will guide you to the right path.If marriage is the ultimate goal for now,start asking from HIM.He has written the FATE for each of His humble servant.Whether the long road will be loss,gain,failure,success,there will be some people who will loves you and held your hand to Jannah.The more you chase it,the more it will run away from you.So,sit down and relax.Its the time for you to wait because every patience of waiting,it is worth in future.