Wednesday, 16 January 2008


im in d libary few mins ago n now im home..sajer nak flaunt konon duk library but actually i *daydreaming*that clown(i refer to my clownie roomie) tgh masak my fav BIHUN KUNGFU.omg.i miss to eat kungfu abg karno,sek 2.he knows yg i hate sotong.

tmrw i have date wit fairy.teman-ing her shopping.Ya ALLAH.i think im getting broke.hopefully i only accompany her jer otherwise im BROKE..susah if u dun work and earn own money.hihihi;p
everything is on sale.i wish i cud get part time job ASAP so can go shopping and hopping like crazy lagi.i want this and that.=)

yday i went coffee wit nana at bewleys.i ordered mocha yg ader heart shape on top.sweeettttt giler.everything is schweeets now.haishhh.but lagi sweeet if i do my assignment now.i have 3 weeks left to do my finance.then costing and last n not least LAW.i nak gud marks!!

im blogging idea to jot.

*pizza sounds yummylicious.elina is doing her supper cooking now.nakkkk kaco*