Thursday, 17 January 2008

this morning...

i woke up quite late than usual due to morning class yg telah di cancel.super best.yeay!but still assignments melambak to go.then i turned off the blower n went straight to the kitchen and grab orange juice..well,i have few things to do today besides BERCINTA with assignment.webcammie at 1pm wit ma&pa,mgt class at 3pm,meeting wit career advisor at 4pm,date with fairy 530pm and dinner with hsemate tercinta at 8pm.recently i feel like staying in real home coz elina and atam make it happen for me.they cooked fr me and offered to teach me idiot in COOKING!!!!susah when u are turning 23 but u cant cook at all..

23?OMG.the figure sgt lah scary.i dream too much.i think too this time if i were in my nenek's shoe,i sure dah ader anak smp 6.hahaha.sgt lawak but bcoz i was born in 1980s, i became anak dara org yg still enjoying her sweet uni days.oh yea.did i mention yg i always LOVE MY UNI days back in uitm especially in writing articles whilst i mmg not good in MENGARANG..its FUn ok, coz 2 consequent years i dok sent my articles to APAcs especially abt LOVE.hee; not DR LOVE but i always have idea how to deal wit relationship.(in real life i sux at it)

the 1st year i wrote about how to cure with break up.then last year i wrote about friendship and relationship.sgtlah lawak;, i always write based on past.well not to say i have byk experience but i took here n there and simplified it.this year no more ARTICLES okaayh.if i cud write now,i wanted to jot about blessing!will kick in if i have time;p

my lil cousins crossed my mind while im blogging up there.i suddenly miss their noise.i know i cant resist my anger when they made noise and sibok knock2 my door to come in and play with me sometimes.i always made them as my toys to bully but in a way im being a nice cousin sister yg suka melayan them.i slept with them,went for ice cweam,holidays,being their guardian to playground,gossips eventhough we often talk about all those kiddos thing,bergado,berebot tgk tv,and its too many to list down.i wish they wont grow up.let them be the liltle people to entertain me..i remember 3 days before i left,i went for mess nite(ATMA)at palace of golden horses and reach home at 2 in the morn.u know who waited for me until i came back?those 3 lil cousins*hasya,azri and afif* bcoz they want to borak with me.sweet kan?there are times i regret to scold them,cubits and stuff whenever they stay at my place but when i dah jauhhh and they still come to my hse visiting ma&pa,i rs they r like my siblings.haishh.. now and then,i slalu WISH I HAVE SIBLINGs,but with their(cousins)existence,i rs i ader byk adik beradik and hanis,the brat cousin sister yg sgtlah manja ader,my parents wont b so boring and missing me thankful for wonderful family i have for now.alhamdulillah.