Sunday, 30 March 2008

im so 10mins ago. a bad blogger.didnt update,my time became very limited at the so 10 mins ago.anyway,alhamdulillah my sayang syikin has officially been muzri's fiance on 29 march.i cried when she sent me the email and sms informing me dat everything went well.kin,how i wish i was there.i wont miss out to sit next to u and berposing sakan overcome org yg nak bertunang!im so excited and content.happy to c my bestfriend for the past 12 years sgt sgt pweety on her pre big day:))
upcoming friend would be syapha.well,my circle of gang back in skool ol settling down..i coulndt believe that we ol have grown up!
i fall in love with the syikin's pelamin and dress for her pre big day.thanks to wedding fairies.the pastel color and fresh flowers blent with her.everything was fine.she was so happy and so do i.sedih nyer i missed tHE MOMENTS.all in package.
kin.......!!!I Love u sgt sgt:)congrats!