Tuesday, 11 March 2008



when u read my blog,i have received ur lovely adorable card although its like a belated vday.i sgt terharu babe.every words u wrote,made me teringat our sweetest days ever esp tdo satu katil..yes,its like 6 months i have been here..no more gossips,no more sleepover,no more having fun together,no more exhanging card which i sux at it,window and window and so on.oohhh i misssss it babe!

i miss our big times together and u r true,its bullshit kiter duaorg gado but we still together.remember ppl used to say we are like "belangkas".all those things i keep inside my heart.

wait till i come back to spend time with u.babe,i loooove loooove u sgt2.i sgt proud i have such a sweetheart like u as my bestie.

never felt sorry abt the bufday.i had blast surprise bufday u made in fridays even its late.remember i did dat on ur 20th bufday at the same place and u were crying...u sgt soft!

thosedays with u and miera were the bliss ever and lets celebrate our 5th year friendship once i come back home.....u girls are still the best.

rindu and rindu.


juicy yan said...

hey there!

*aww so sweet*

Miera said...

akma sayang..nie first time i bukak blog u..i tatau pun u ada blog..anyways, letak la gambar lain..i benci gile kay gambar tu..how are u babe? looks like u're having fun..

akmaelinda said...

omg.sweet giler u buka my blog.mesti si liyana ckp kan?me having FUN??no wayyyyy!!missss u mieraaa;))