Sunday, 9 March 2008

Thank u ALLAH

first thing,alhamdulillah.i finished my last assignment.with ALLAH's will,i managed to complete it.its really tense and i keep on writing such a dramatic entry.dats lame;p.

well,i have 7 weeks to my preparation at the mo but insyaallah will start doing it next weekend,im off to birm.yahooo; 2nd get away.probably will stay at kak aimy's place in leinchester so we can go nottingham and jln her place.well 2 in 1!
perhaps if i have time,will go to sheffield .btw,im so gonna miss ST PATRICK's day in dublin on monday.chitt.but since i still have next year and more years,im fine with it.

after xm,i'll start to pack my things up.malaysia mari..yeay!.have no time to webcam with the parents since thursday.i really wanna know abt the polls in msia.regarding US,i knew hillary would have the ability to win compared to obama.i have no further comment to US politics.Malaysia has so many current affairs which i need to update rather melayan US usual father lah org yg akan comment leb

blogging out for now.need some beauty sleep:)