Monday, 17 March 2008

so little time

i missed so so many things patrick's parade and birm's trip.birm's trip was cancelled due to some problemor(super frustrated).i have been so bz and bz like crazy lah.last nite went out to temple bar with elina and tamaki plus iqbal watching the pre-st patrick's.just now had bewleys and fun fair ala ala funny bcoz msia punyer hundreds more better with fairy and such a dork person u know.being procastinated these few months and after my exam,i have a long holidays okkkk ppl?lama okaaayh!

here's i enclosed some if st patrick's parade pics taken by elina yg i have missed out this evening.cheh.thankies to fairy for the tiny hair clip.

off to bed.tmrw have revision with tort law.btw,pls check this band out.i sgt suka their music.

till then love.


mynn said...

it's actually ok that u didnt go to the st patricks parade actually.

twas freezing! like gila2 punye. hahaha. so i guess, this is gonna b my first and last celebration of st paddys ;p