Tuesday, 18 March 2008


well,my laptop wasnt able to connet to internet for the few months till i go bck.hampeh btol.so meantime i have to use elina's and atam's in order to connect to another world.its sucks.should i ask papa to buy me new one?i think its not my neccesity at the mo.i better not kan?i had a bad day today bcoz i wasnt able to answer tort law.buat malu jeh;p.my chinese classmate who we addressed as kekasih hati nana so berlagak to give facts in the class.pissed off ok i.

kak aimy and her friends will arrive fr leinchester this thurs bcoz she's going to m.nasir's concert.will stay at my place and i cant wait to c her since my birm's trip was last min cancelled.its being like ages didnt get to c her.sure byk nak di updates.m nasir's concert will be held in embassy theather.unfortunately im not his fans so i dun fancy to watch his show at all.

too bad im not in the mood of writing.just want to keep update my thingy here.laptop ku udeh tak bole diguna.will jot more insyaallah coz time constraint nowadays.