Sunday, 1 June 2008

Love is a thing!


i finally watched the movie i have been waiting for an ages.loved loved it!its like a dream come true!lols.SEX AND THE CITY is incredibly FAB!honestly im loving each of the scene especially the wadrobes and shoes.oh well,i wish i have the huge wadrobe in few years.amin.ha ha;p.correction to previous entry when i said i like actually like CARRY more and more.the movie get carried away is the fantastic job after all the series i have watched.the book love letters of great men read by CARRY to her MR BIG was the sweetest thing ever.sukaaa la;)

btw,the cinema was freaking HOT.they didnt turn on the air-cond which made me KEPANASAN while watching the movie but since the movie superb,i ignored uncomfy.just before the SATC started bun and esah reminded me not to tdo bcoz im the one who was so excited-la-sgt to watch the movie.haha.thankies jervis girls.puas hati but regret that we didnt doll up like those irish yg beria dressed up konon.ok la esah,kiter simple:)

well,SATC is a must watch in LOVE every single thing in the movie esp CARRY's.despite the fashion,i think SATC taught about friendship.the long last made me miss my girlfriends so much.they were there during my upside down and none can replace them.the COLOR word is so cute.funny lah when they memandai tukar SEX into COLOR.does it make sense?so when do u want to make love,the cute quote will be"LETS COLOR".hahaha.

i better save $$$ to buy dresses,shoes,bags so i cud build my own wadrobe to fit everything.i can sleep with those thing u know.maybe i can share with my mum bcoz she is so shoes fettish mengalah kan i.she has millions of shoes which i sometimes curik to melawa.too bad we shared same size but obviously we dun shared clothes.LOLs.sorry mama.adik didnt mean to perli.oh yea,mum's birthday is on 3rd june.i want to order online flowers so she can get it at her workplace but i think papa will buy her more than flowers.since im coming home soon and her mother's day pwezie dah ader,i'll get her something else.

ok la.i better get going.i need to take shower and sleep well tonite bcoz yday i havent get beauty sleep.i want to continue reading tie knot by sophie kinsella.interesting though.i bought the same book for fairy too on her birthday so she can read before getting married.oops.happy belated my dear year plan to barcelone tetap jadi although lmbt lagi.biasa lah,i bukan kayo!

p/s:im being CARRY now:)