Sunday, 1 July 2012

Advance Birthday

Birthday Surprised

I didn't see its coming since our monthly routine of "catching up session" due for July.So last Tuesday,Yana texted to meet up at Bangsar but she picked Cafe Barberra as the venue.I replied "ok" instead of asking why do we have to go there.

Since its LAZY SUNDAY  and my blues starts since morning,I couldn't bother to text them on the session .I didn't properly dressed up,didn't put any lip balm,didn't wash my hair(since I went to salon to wash yesterday),slip into my red flip flop,bun my hair and drove to Bangsar.Likewise,I'm always late.

Soon I reached,saw there's a birthday party going on at Cafe Barberra.Parked my car outside and spotted Marina's car in front of mine.I was like "probably the brother used hers".I texted Reen "where are you girls,there's a party inside".She came out with proper dressed and I asked her "why are you looking so pretty"?She was puzzled and replied back "Oh,normal je".

Then,she brought me inside where there's one entry to a room.



Chadli was singing birthday song behind the door when I entered the room.I was shocked to be honest.My brain was jammed a moment seeing Yana,Marina,Norin,Azie and Hariz in the room.Geeeezzzzzz...*I saw balloons,cupcakes and crown*

I didn't expect they have planned the advance birthday celebration where I looked really sloppy.I should have dressed well atleast and wear my heels.I should have gone to salon to do my hair(i keep on saying it).

My July starts with lovely surprise organized by the girls & partner.I am blessed.No words can justify how touched I was because I always have plans for others especially bridal and baby shower.The last surprised which really touched me was in 2009,celebrating my 24th Birthday.

To be frank,you girls have made my July as pretty as it is.All I can say,everyone played a big role in organizing the last min party for me.They even made a joke by saying its birthday cum bridal shower.Haha.LAME.It's a long way to go.I definitely demand a beautiful bridal shower that time : D

I am blessed

Thank you very much dearest friends although I looked really ugly in the picture.One of the things I loved is the cupcakes they brought today.Instead of 27,they picked 72 and of course the design.I don't want to grow old and all I am asking for is to stay as young as I wish.

I couldn't ask for more.Wonderful family and friends.Alhamdulillah.Syukran Ya Allah for the blessings and grant my doa to have amazing people around me.


Myself who's turning 27 soon:)