Sunday, 15 July 2012

Beautiful life after broken heart

To certain extend, I always dwell over my past and this can be really sickening.rehearsing things from past or worrying about future eventually worsens my depression.So I decided to figure out how in the world to make me more happier and living in the guarantee moment.It's okay to date around and have a good view of dating another person 

Some tips to share:-


But if you’re alternating dates with new blokes who seem to have potential with ‘friendly’ tete-a-tetes with your ex-boyfriend, it can be difficult to figure out how you’re feeling. If you're serious about moving on, make things with your ex as unambiguous as possible.


If it’s the first time you’ve been a free agent in a while, now’s the time to experiment: tempting as it may be to try to find a guy who’s a carbon copy of your ex (except, you know, for the bit where he broke your heart), now’s the time to go out of your usual dating zone.


If you feel like you simply don’t know how to behave on a date because the last one you went on was five years ago, don’t hesitate to talk it over with your single friends who have been out there for a while – they’ll be able to advise on what to wear, where to go if he asks you to suggest a place, what the heck he means by that text message.


When you’re used to being with one guy and the way that he thinks and communicates, trying to understand a new bloke (or several new blokes!) can seem completely crazy-making. Yes, there’s often a little bit of game-playing when you’re in the very beginnings of dating someone, but if you vow to be pretty up front, any guy worth a few hours of his time will be inclined to follow your lead. And if you really don’t get him, then don’t waste your time.


When you’re trying to figure out whether the new man in your life is relationship-worthy, it can be tempting to compare the new scenario to the one you were in last time. But if things don’t feel like they’re progressing in a way that you’re familiar – maybe last time it was love at first sight, and this time it’s a slow burn, or even vice versa – don’t panic. You’re older, it’s a different time, it’s a different place, he’s a different person.

So hello happiness,why shall we shut the door?Keep the options open.Life is beautiful out there.New things to explore and experience.I was at that phase where getting over the ex was tough.I had the doubt to date my other half.He was so patience to deal with my drama every time I told him what had gone wrong to my past relationship.Eventually,he's there cheering me up with his sarcasm although i found it really annoying.

and in reality,

One person is there for you to heal the broken pieces and put back the pieces into ONE.

Miracle isn't it?

Sometimes it’ll only take one date to find a new man to share your life with..

Thank you yayang.