Tuesday, 17 July 2012

July 16

Officially 27 years old on Monday..

Morning starts with lovely surprise on my birthday.I received 2 beautiful flowers from good friends of mine Afeez and Fathil Snelling.I can't stop smiling and I was extremely happy to be surprised that way.I didn't see its coming.Thanks a mil dudes.

Then usual lunch with the blondes at Fridays.They made a sweet surprised which I couldn't ask for more.Loving the bunch girls much.Thank you girls.I am so overwhelmed to be honest.Didn't expect the suprised :)

Around 4.30pm when I was on the phone,another surprised came in.My hardworking,passionate and loud colleagues came in with a cake.My boss was standing behind me and didn't realize they were waiting for me to finish the call.Thanks corporate banker!

I thought there will be no more surprise.So,Mr Stranger took me out for a dins.In fact,he was telling me that there will be no surprise.Had an amazing dinner at Daily Grind, Bangsar Village and he brought me for a comfy Gold Class movie in Midvalley after.I slept throughout the movie .Auww sorry awak, I am stuffed with loads of food consumed since morning.

Anyway,he bought me cuppies and cute cards.I was really touched reading the card.The thoughts that counts.Knowing him who sometimes can be really slow and blur,I didn't expect the sweet efforts he has putting in to make me happy on my birthday.Everything was perfect.

Bisou cupcakes which dad has stolen this morning.


Dear Mr Stranger,

Thank you for an amazing dinner.It was quite awkward going out only two of us around without the guys.I have had fab time with you.Thank you for the card which you took an hour to find the perfect one.It's perfect.Sorry the fact I slept in the cinema.It was too cosy for me.Please don't waste on gold class ticket which you should treat me a dress instead.Lol.You have made my birthday night as wonderful as it is.

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery


The growing,emotional,drama queen and grumpy birthday girl.