Saturday, 7 July 2012

Being 27

A week before turning 27.

Bitter sweet journey of 27 years.I am no longer a lil girl,no more teenager,no more a cry baby.Three years more to enter 30s.The ups and down as a lady although there were so many things happening in life.Syukur, Allah has given me amazing parents,friends and family besides my career.I still love my job,colleagues and bosses.

Allah has bestowed me strong heart throughout my broken heart phase and moving on to a better life.Eventually,I woke up from my sorrow and live my life beautifully.Things are not meant to be perfect,sometimes,I still can feel the pain I have to go through thosedays.The time I have wasted and risk I have taken to be in longest relationship ever.

Whole entire life changed.

I remember when my boss seeing me crying and brought me tissue to wipe the tears.I remember when mum told me,"You need to go to place where you'll find inner peace" and she paid my for Umrah trip.I remember Dad woke up every 4am in the morning to pray Tahjud,I remember friends calling me now and then to ensure I'm ok and cheer me up with the laughs.I was lucky enough to have everyone to support me.

Sometimes I complain without even realizing it.I have wonderful life to catch up till my last breathe.Therefore,I fixed it and stepped out from my past.

Entering 27,I wish a happy life ahead and stay positive.I put a new frame of mind.In another 10 years,I would want to be a woman who has everything.Amazing career,beautiful kids,healthy life and home full with love.But of course,I demand collections of designers handbags and shoes.

Just recently my dad knew how to use "whatsapp" application.He was so enthusiastic and been bothering me with his text.

Papa : Hi cik Akma,have you had your breakfast?

Me: I had.So papa,who taught you all these.You can call me instead of messaging me.

Papa : Oh my colleague taught me.

Me : Omg,anyway,Can I have YSL clutch for my birthday.A handbag preferably for 27th birthday.

Papa : Murah (cheap) can?


I went urggghhh.Does this mean I won't be getting new handbag this year?Perhaps he considered MAC book he has given which I rarely use as an advance present.

No.I need a new handbag.Rumours I just got to know last Tuesday from mum, is dad was thinking to buy me a new car.Whaaaaaaaaat?? a car?I think the idea of getting me a new car is not what I demand for.My car is still in good condition.

Till then love.Looking forward to spend 2 weeks before Ramadhan with joy.