Sunday, 15 July 2012


It was shocking news for us the whole family when we received call on Saturday around 1.30am.Tok has passed away peacefully on 14th July 2012,2 days before my birthday.I had to wake mum and dad around 1.40am when I received the call from my uncle.It felt surreal.I am still absorbing the fact I am no longer have a granny for whole entire life.

Life is too short to simplify.I remember she told me to at least find a life partner and settle down this year.She scared she won't be able to attend my wedding.All her dreams to see me with beautiful dresses jeopardized.My replied when she asked me that time was " you sure can make it tok.I would love you to wear my color".

Being the first granddaughter in the family,the one who always argued with her,the one she thanked when I gave her an angpau for my first salary and bonus, the one who always made a request for me to bake kuih bakar for her,the one who compliment how beautiful I am despite I always against her and also the one I told her all about my relationships.She was a wonderful woman in my life.

Without her,I can't even call Mama as my mum.She had raised Mum and instilled mum with good moral value as wonderful as she was.Tok taught me to bake kuih seri muka which I don't fancy of that traditional dessert.

I know she's at the better place now.Sorry Tok,I can't fulfill your wish but at least you've seen me succeed in my studies and climbing the ladder now.May Allah bless your soul and we will deeply miss you Tok.