Friday, 21 December 2007

happy 24th birthday

the one i ring her often
the one i loved her as my big sister
the one i share everything
the one who gave me flowers during my birthday n our photo
the one who wont mind to wait me even im late to pick her up
the one who support me fr behind
the one who sleep in one bed coz she's too tiny
the one who eat less
the one who came down fr sban just to c me
the one who is very soft-hearted
the one who cried when i told her im leaving
the one who sent me an sms sedih coz i wont b around
the one i met her at tv3 and we became cloz till now
the one i met her last in klia,
the one i miss always,
HAPPY 24th birthday my dear aysha azman nor.

MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU AND I DOAKAN U.insyaallah we'll meet up soon dear:)

ur bestie.forever syg!


Anonymous said...

u r sooooo sweet syg...........thanks again..i'll always pray for u dear...n u'll always on my mind....luv u sweetie...seriously u make me sad...:(wish u all the best sweetheart.....mwhxxx!!!

Anonymous said...

u r really sweet syg.....thanks alot.....i'll always pray for u n u'll always on my mind...wishing u all the best in wut u r doing n will always support gonna b with u whenever u need me syg...u really make me sad sweetheart....luv u lots....hugs n kisses...