Tuesday, 11 December 2007

so i write.....

finally i have time out to blogging after few days went through hectic mectic days.well, last 11 dec,i officially 3 months in dublin which make me 2 years and 9 months more to back fr good.msia always remain in my heart ok.mamapapaliyanaiysakmaqilahilmanorsmua laaaa...wait fr me!!

well few days left to eid adha.papa told me he had picked up their bajus raya haji for mama n him.wahhhh.im working ok during eid adha.nasib for few days then im done.takkkk lagi keja temp coz its hell PENAT!but for the sake of $$ for retail theraphy in london,tak perr la.i dun mind.

recently,i knew dis guy in my class.i should address him as a friend.he approached me in law class..at the 1st place i wasnt comfortable communicating with him coz we have communication barrier.then it happened we became close.i must say a gud friend and he confessed me....bla bla.he was so interested to know abt islam and i.i guess probably because i am muslim and he wants me to share everything abt islam.my heart melts when sum1 is so eager to know.apparently,he was misunderstand wit wat i told him abt relationship.he lost his trust just becoz he saw one muslim girl(happened to b our friend)kissing the other guy in public.bullshit kan?it turned me off.i didnt blame dat grl but himself.he only believed wat he saw.come on..

i was wrong about him.i tot he was so sincere.i didnt have any feelings towards him but the matter of he is playing around with islam.in islam,we was taught "zina is sinful act" and whichever act contribute zina is "HARAM".i told him everyone make thier own choice.its up to them to obey or not bcoz after ALLAH knows better.haishh gerams.we argued.

there is no point to b his friend anymore.sometimes,im grateful coz i didnt fall for him.and to him, a person who soooo concern abt relationship.u should have found out wat is love abt.its not just sharing thoughts n feelings and doing things together,but how u respect each other is the main one.although we have been "friends" for few weeks n it didnt work out coz we came fr different religion,i hope one day u'll find wat is islam...insyaallah.n the chrismast card u gave,i keep it etho i didnt celebrate it.

hurm,im jotting too much.lack of ideas but im relieved coz im no longer attach to him as a friend.i sounds very idiot bcoz i melayan but my intention is to b friend.FRIENDS COME N GO.tak per la.i have enuff list of friends for now...

dats ol for now.im blogging out.nak g ym wit mumsy n daddy.
will update more.saya kejaaaaaaaaaaa!!!aaaargghh.

andddd...slmt hari raya haji.


~syacute~ said...

be care ok pal!!!be care!!

Anonymous said...

what a loser

akmaelinda said...

sapa yg loser unknown reader?and esahhh,he is so idiot kan?dah la english be careeee.hahaha