Thursday, 20 December 2007

my eid adha!

pooops!Malaysia celebrate eid adha one day later than dublin.everyone at home bz preparing food for raya plus my hse ader takbir hse became main hse for the raya as usual.uncles n aunties+the cousins gathered anddddd im so jealous ok!nak-menangis-la-kan seeing them beraya without me.the pictures showed how wonderful my cousins when im not around.they were like"kak,kiterorg tdo katil kakak smbil bukak aircond.."*sigh*.well forget abt my bed yg-dilanyak but i miss them uncle is so over infornt of the webcam.hanis si tembam wit her konon innocent face,afif and azri the mastermind n si-lembik and my big fan-hasya.they were asking me whether im home for dis hols and pg hols wit them.noooo way cuzzies!kakak tak der duit nak balik but wait for the summer and im back to bwk u guys jln2 mkn ice cweaam and gado-gado.oh yea,i ate alot ok yday at tasya's n nana n myhse.and mama told me budak2 ni menyempit in their roooom tdo bersama.can u imagine 4+2.sempittt.hishhh.cuzzie ku sgt lah menjd KINg.

the trios menggedik pls.(afif,azri,hasya)

their gedikness when im not around to nags!

showing off their teeth.seriously horrible:))

mengadaaaa nyer suroh papa pkaikan=hanis

she is so manjaaaa yg ngadas!

uncle who taught them to pout;p

u r too old la cik yus to do dat.hehehe;p

i know mama pening melayan them.well mama,i whack them later!

azri before the 3 arrived myhse.this lil boy byk soalan ok.

heeeee.mumsy dear!
KAKAK misses u all alot like alot.