Sunday, 30 December 2007


im such a bad blogger isnt?didnt update anything since got bck fr london on was super awesome!my 1st getaway wit my 2 newly besties to london.lets do it more in future fairy n nana!i lapp u girls:)

well didnt capt pics during boxing day except ali's cam.i had blast,i tinggal 2 pound which make me broken on boxing day mlm smp la balik to dublin...klakak ok.i bought 3 handbags yg mmg i nakkkkkk-la-sgt except this grey bag yg kena bebel dgn fairy"kalu i ader,sure u tak bli"...hahahhahaa.bought few tops n bottom.sikit jer but ali happened to b my pembawa paper bags.pity him.

fairy n nana siap bershop at the airport.they bought d&g,micheal kors and dior sunglasses.sgt jeles fault menghabiskan duit mase boxing day:( too bad.

boxing day amatlah super rmai but uber best!too many ppl till berebot the stuff!!ahaa.i should save money fr next year so i could line up fr dior,gucci and those designers.(berangan-lah).

will upload the the at nana's place at the mo coz my hsemate have feverish..kesian my clown roomie.get well soon clown.

blogging out.