Sunday, 30 December 2007

ketots cousin;p

that expression is called "mengada"

"eleh,kakak pun tau swim jugaaaaa!"

papa,ayah cik and hanis berjacuzzi.ish.melekat wit papa.

the brat in family."wait fr me to cum bck.siappppp!"


the trios mcm BOYAN.sun burnt.hahahhaa.omg

those kiddos jacuzzi?jealous ok!

hi again.sorry couldnt upload london pics due to sum prob occured.will do insyaallah.btw,just finished ym-ing wit my uncle,cik yus.he sent me the ketots pics during their holidays on christmas.amboii.they were like sakan berholidays.its a routine fr the family to get away during this soooo hanis dah pandaiii swim.this lil gal is the brat at the mo.melekat jer dgn papa..haish.she is replacing my place.hehehe.

p/s:i really wanna spend my summer hols in island.(perhentian,redang,langkawi,kapas)!!!