Thursday, 21 February 2008

Another level from the heart

i dreamt of mama yday.i mimpi balik msia for real.waiting is suffering ok.4 and a half months to go.i heart has broken into pieces of glass because of stupidity.all i want is mama n papa.its impossible to wake up and c them right infront me.i can hear the dolls calling me"come home quick akma.we miss u".i cant do anything.time is moving.exams is near the corner and all i can do is pray to ALLAH.

waiting and waiting.period


shle3pyb4by said...

hey girl... :)
thanks for stopping by. and hey, no worries. ill cheer you up!!! kan you kata im so kelakar, so i guess in the time between i can cheer you up?!! *giggles*

take care, girl. :)

fAirY said...

Waiting is a very hard thing to do. In less than 4 months, u'll b back in KL, in their arms for the whole summer holiday! :D

Unlike me who's stuck in the office, with crazee Dublin weather. Hopefully it will be a sunny summer ;)

P/S:- babe, I nie dh nk dekat 2 years x balik, x jumpa parents i tau :P teheheheee... windu sgt!