Wednesday, 6 February 2008

i could fly.

as i browsed youtube,i found out this song.reminds me something.few years back,this song was my fav.then when something happened,i refused to listen this song.that was years ago when i gave my heart to sumone.its past thats fading from my present.i did tell aisyah and waheda that this song gonna be my wedding song.ntah biler tapi i suka berangan this n dat.well im gud at it kan?.do listen every line of this song.meaningful sgt:)

i dedicate this song to my two loving birds who r going to marry and engage sometime in this two-gang,mimi and syikin.remember gang,although im not there to attend ur big day but i still doakan u ol.well,im not suppost to write again mind cant fit in the finance at the mo.all i can do is blogging and merepek-ing.

Ya ALLAH.i need more guts to do my assignment..amin.