Monday, 18 February 2008

Little Thing

valentine's day was awesome.had so called dinner at beshof but the haddock wasnt good at all.hentam jer la labu.had so much fun wit all the budak kecik..birmigham trip confirm!my 2nd get away fr dublin with jervis girls(esah,bun,marin)+hani and fairy and 1st we tot of going to barcelona or prague(becoz we wanted to kaco sheeren's holiday there)but prior to expensive tics,birm lah pengganti.

they ol were so excited to go mandi CHOCOLATE in burmingham bcoz ader cadbury world.funny ok!looking forward to beli byk2 but not to eat but buying it for souvenior balik msia bole? 5 months more,the choc wont melt kot.

i had a short chat wit mother and father just now.keep them update with my thingy.father aka papa had fever since sunday bcoz di-tinggalkan mama who went for kursus in padang lalang since fri-sun..papa is so manja ok.demam rindu 2 hari jerk!haish;p.i told papa to check flight tix during MATTA fair in msia.mana tau tix lagi cheap than dublin.IM SO wanna go back.nakkk jugak!!msia tetap dihati.

yday,i bought smp 2 books to read kononnyer nak kill more time than eating!im planning to detoxify becoz its like 6months i never do that.ntah la kenapa?everything seem is time for body slimming..double chin is so HORRIBLE pls.

those are my list 10 most FAV place to go lah.excited la nak g trip.its like enjoying ur uni-days but jervis girls and fairy all dah keja.kayooo ok dorang!

and the list goes on..laters.


fAirY said...

weee!!!!!!!! Birm trip!!!! XD

We should go to Paris, Barcelona, Venice and Rome! heheheheee...

1 more trip in Oct maybe? ;)

mynn said...

eypz ;)

went to birm already - and trust me, cadbury world adelah SUPER seronok for chocoh0lics! jalan mane2 pn bau coklat je...


teeheehee. ;p