Monday, 4 February 2008


currently bz compiling venture capital.just started it and hopefully i can complete by this thursday coz weekend sgt lah ader keja lain..well,yday i found out that this dress i bought long time ago(last month) kot actually MCM ORG PREGNANT.didnt realise coz i tak try pun and its my prob la...ala!i loved the combination but the matter i looked like org mengandung 5 time,mmg kena try.i always have problem wit fitting the baju on coz waste of time.i rather grab and byr.susah and i have byk bajuuu lagi tk penah pkai since i bought.biler nak pkai nie?wondering.
well this week i started to be homesick again.i miss mama n papa sgt-sgt.i mcm tak leh face the fact yg im apart.6 months is so lamaaaa.mama,papa adik nakkk balik to spend more time together,nak lepak kat our small garden,nak dine in together and borak-borak.Ya Allah i need a guts pls.cant wait to go home.tu jer.
vday is coming up.i suppost to buy cards for kedua mamito and papito as its a must for us to exchange as well as my friends,liyana and aysha but im broke for whole last week.will buy it this weekend and send it later by monday..babe,if u reading this,i know what card i should send to u.this vday,ill be all alone without my loved ones.pathetic kan i?
few days back,aysha text me saying dat she went out for a dinner wit kema and her friends in bangsar.dah la im actually missing them and home,i immediately col them smbl menangis coz deep inside my heart,i wish i could join them and luahkan whats inside my heart now.its a strange feelings for the past week.honestly i need them.thanks to fairy although i knew her for 5 months here but she always be my good listener.sygggg u fairy!
im currently listening to "shakespeare in love" .im moving my ass for is waiting.wording sgtlah suffered.till then.will update more and more.
and i wish........,
MAMA AND PAPA are here for me to cry on their shoulder.


shle3pyb4by said...

hey budak kecik! ;)
ive been reading your blog. tapi tak tinggal comment. so, i am here today to left some comment!! ;) *giggles*

nice one! ill be coming back for more reading stuff! you are such a kucing-alike kid! cumelllll!! ;)

take care!! *kisses*

P/S: takmo sedih2 lagi ek!! :)

aysha said...

hey dear b strong k...i knoe u can my akma syg...bout that vday card tu its ok la dear if u broke..dunt b sad k...luv u...take care dear..~hugs n kisses~