Tuesday, 26 February 2008


yday i didnt stay to revise law in library.had a coffee at starbucks with nana.i tot of going to bewleys but i suddenly mengidam banana muffin.after had a long chat with nana,i decided to go back.home sweet home.i then take a nap after had chicken hut.i wonder why-lah these few days everyone at home popped in my dream.last nite,hanis came into the dreams.this budak kecik sgt-lah mengada ok.FCF(fav cousins forever) including hasya,afif and azri.

oh well,back in my childhood time,i wasnt a favourite at all.father has numbers of siblings and he is the youngest boy plus he has sisters after him.while mother is the eldest in family and i have uncles who only few years older than me.im being a brat at mother's side but being abandon at father's side becoz im the only child.its really hurt when i was kids esp during hari raya bcoz all the cousins would received an angpau fr pak won n mak wo(father's side)and dat time rm1 is alot to us exclude me who didnt get anything.i always cried to mother and father and they would calm me and said"kan adik dah dpt duit raya dr mama n papa.pak wo kontong bagi rm 50 lagi(which make 50 times more than other cousins dpt".in a way,my parents wanted me to be stronger eventhough im being abandon by the grandparents.PAK WON kontong is my grand uncle who always give me moral support and useful advises plus im his closes grand niece.i remember 2 weeks before i flew,he was admitted into glenegals(excuse the spelling)and i visited him.he was so excited knowing im going to experience new life and told me to take care of myself.i didnt blame arwah pak wo and mak wo for neglecting me but i wanna thanked them to bring greatest PAPA in this world.

when i grew up and became matured to think,i then wondered why there is always unfair kasih sayang.i know i shouldnt say this,but why there is a favourite n non favourite cucu to our grandparents?no offence fr what im saying.its just the matter of LOVE.we should spread some love.tak luak pun the money to give some love and affection.honestly,i sometimes envy seeing my friends talking abt the nenek n atok but i didnt enjoy to talk abt mine.pathetic kan?

i always promised myself that in future i wont differ which is favourites.my fav cousins smua kecik2 and i saw them grow up from the day they were born plus i close to my unc n aunt who leaved with us before they got married.they are like my adik beradik and i love them very much.azri will be taking upsr this year n i really hope he'l get into MCKK or RMC.afif si lembik gonna turn 10 years and hasya turning 9.tonjet hanis baru 2 years.people grow u know....!

i wish i can turn back time and tell pak wo n mak wo,i loved them and thanked them to bring PAPA in this world.papa,u inspired me.