Wednesday, 13 February 2008

happy Vday:)

happy valentine's day have no date; clown roomie and i plan to go out for coffee-ing tmrw.dats have been sent to mother and father,liyana n aysha. and grafton street was so bz this evening!smua berebot bli flowers and cards.tak jealousss pun.LOL.

alhamdulillah my finance submitted last monday.i managed to do it last min.thankies to everyone for the support.hahaha.btw,i went for a lunch and tix hunt with suki and christen.mahal giler nak balik msia ok.1000 euro=rm 5000?botak la father's head.ahaks.then we went for a lunch smbl borak abt marriage.china has the law about marriage where u cant get married before 22.pelik?so i told em that msia bole kwen at the age of 18.bahagianyer!moreover,we were discussing abt divorcee at the early age..sgt sedih becoz after what u have put during ur big day,jeopardised.suki,christen and i plan to kwen at late 20s.bole ker?

lastly,i wanna wish this:

Mama&Papa:thank u for the love and strength.
Aysha:i love u sweetheart with all my heart.
Akmar:i sgt rindu our togetherness
Aqilah:i love love love u
Umi:remember our promise,we always gonna stick as friend smp kter smua kwen.
Asyikin:aku syg ko smp mati
Hazlind:ur supports and love remain in my heart.
Liyana:i love u babe.sedih tak dpt clbrt together
Miera:i miss my hot babe!
Zhafir:aku rindu ko and ts council
Hasnor:i loveeeeee u lemaaakk.
Hafizah:dublin tak der usj to curik pringles.i lappp u babe.
Syima:we r forever mama,i love u.
Asma':babe,i need u to shelter and tell u how vulnerable my life is now
Nuha:kiter rindu awak.the keychain make me miss u and the rest teramat sgt.
Hilman:reason to cry.
Fariz:rindu session luah perasaan dlm keta
Fairy:thankies for lending ur shoulder.i love u.
selected and loving cousins and aunts+uncs:adik sgt syggggg korang.
Elina:clown roomate,kiter syg awak.hahaha.LPF okeeeh

arrghhhh too many names to list.
i love u olsssss.happy vday:)

p/s:sapa lah yg sbok tgk fr KLANG nie.loyal stalker ok.puh leez i dunno who u are.stalking and keep on stalking to updates the whole fam ke?so LAMe ok.

blogging out.pillow is giving a call.toooottttt.


juicy yan said...

Be strong and happy valentine's day!

lots of love from M'sia,

fAirY said...

I love you too babe! Muaxxx!!! :)