Monday, 25 February 2008


i have one more task to submit.then im done.finals and preparation untuk pulang.nak buat surprise but for sure the tix paid by the no way of "MAMA,PAPA im homeeee...".this upcoming LAW assignment is very crucial to me.i loved law since i was in high school and graduated CAT but wonder why la i keep on repeating LAW since 2005.bole?enuff of dat.

yg penting IM in 1WEEK break for reading!yeay!after al the hectic mectic days,ke-dizzy-an and all those which cause me a pengsan.the cards i sent out during vday has reached a week ago.mboi.lambat asyha n liyana,i love u girls alot.muahs.

moving my big fat ass now..


juicy yan said...

you are coming back to m'sia? when?