Thursday, 28 February 2008

Audrey Hepburn

went coffeing at bewley with els and tamaki last evening.had great time eating cake and minum mocha.for god sake,i just loved the place.bewleys super cozy and classic..i went there for quite numbers of time and udeh suka point now is the classic yg penting!btw,the nite before went dinner wit acap at yamamori.u know,old friends catching up each other(the good old days).my fav seafood yaki soban selamat di mkn.yamamori is japanese restaurant which charged mahal during dinner.haish.bole bankrupt la student okaayyhh?so pls dun go mlm.mahai ok.

audrey hepburn?i admired her style.i even tried to look like her years back when APAcs had annual dinner.since the theme was retros,i asked liyana to help me.she found the pink legging would suits me but the dress i bought was lil bit "tak sedap mata memandang due to the length was v shape".

" Abas and i were the emcees.abas' hair sgt austin power isnt?"

"The wanna be audrey dancing.cant take my eyes of u!hahahaha."

thosedays was so funny!lol.mcm bimbo ok.i seriously cant imitate her bcoz she's too adorable.if only she's still alive,i wanna take oppurtunity to say"dear audrey,u r so beautiful-lah.lets hang out together!"heee;p

im blogging out.