Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Bestie's preparation

shikin updated me with her engagement preparation.29 march would be big day for daughter of aunt sofia n unc mak som and definitely akmaelinda's kwn baik since then.well,shikin gave the link of wedding fairies which she hired to do her pelamin n those check their website.sgt lawa loving it and i bet shikin will look fab!ecot's hubby going to be the photographer.the invitation has been sent out to our friends.super best tapi i will not b there to feel all dis with the bunch:(

well,yday's entry seemed very pathetic.millions of sorry.its just my feelings sgt trok at the mo but i sgt-lah excited about shikin's engagement.biler plak my turn kan?hahahhaa;p



juicy yan said...

Oh my god, the pelamin is so nice!

you hang in there, if you need anything from Malaysia, just let me know okay?

jannah said...

whoa, engagement ceremony pon mcm gempak je..cant wait for the wedding!!

akmaelinda said...

its ok coming home in 4 months time.heeee;p
i sukaaa

akmaelinda said...

me too tapi i mmg tak dpt attend.sedihhnyer i jan.