Friday, 6 June 2008

The aunties!

i had a very long talk with my aunt akma has been an ages since i spoke to her.we were talking about so many things including my youngest uncle who is getting married somewhere in july with his fiance who is same age as aunt thanked me for the card i sent to her for mother's problemor aunt,i love u more than the card.u know dat!oh,this uncle is my mum's younger brother who is 3years older than me.well,i dun think im interested to attend the wed though.its just that im not into his wedding or whatsoever related to it.
so today,i called the other aunt,cik jah who closed to me too.she was so excited when i called her. having loveable aunties like cik jah and mak cik akma, make my life is so beautiful.the both aunties means alot to me.i cant wait to c them.there are so many things to catch up once i reach home.i dun need 10 aunties to make smile and being loved,the less is more isnt?the more is merrier but the more mouths become more headache and pains.
after all home is where the heart is.thousand miles away and i cant wait to be backk!!