Monday, 16 June 2008

Daddy Means the World

Yesterday was father's day.i spoke to papa a day before early in the morn bcoz i miss him so so much.15mins on the phone means alot bcoz as usual we talked about current family issue.lols.i told him the card smp lmbt and u know lah my late-ness but he didnt mind about dat.yg funny,papa gave me a call on father's day itself.i know he found it very akward bcoz we never miss to celebrate it every year.although papa and i always argued,we love each other more.gadoh tanda syg kan?pa,adik loves u alot.i owe u.thankies for everything and pa,none can replace u.i will always doa for ur health.ok,all those words i inserted in the card.

currently freaking hectic stuff mcm terlebey although i arrived less than a year.can u imagine how hard to move hse.i hate it ok.years ago when i moved hse,it took me few months to settle down.its like 21 years old stuff to be done.fuhhh;p

kak aimy is moving to london too somewhere around end of june.from leinchester to friends back in uitm mostly coming down to london too.kenapa smua london??why not Dublinnnn??