Monday, 23 June 2008

Last stop

From Dublin to Nottingham to Leicester to Birmingham then to Sheffield and to Oxford Uni and last stop London.okayh,im in London my last stop.currently at Mara Hostel,London.had few girlie shop just now at oxford street.exhausted and there were so many things happening!will update all the pics later.EXCITED for tomorrowwww!!heee;p.sorry for not replying any sms.will catching up soon.

p/s:hello.did someone fr KLANG stalking me?curious who is the STALKER!


and missing F.F.F.F.F.F,Dublin.ha ha.wish F is here!lol.


Sabrina^ladeedah said...

oit..bila kamu balik malaysia ya?hohoho

fAirY said...

i miss u too A :)

cant wait to see u n show u the new bag!