Saturday, 7 June 2008

Can ur ex be a friend?

im sitting on the couch while watching sex and city's series about ex boyfriend.oh well,sometimes its true that u cant be friend when u broke up with ur ex bcoz its hard to get in the track back.i think its up to the individual to choose their way whether they are comfortable with me,i used to be friend with my ex but i found it very difficult to cope and we tend to talk about past and ended with arguments.complicated isnt?building friendship aint easy if u dun working towards is so learning process!

i wonder does my age is perfect time to tie a knot?i mean can adult like me live in fairy tale where u meet prince charming and get married??fifey told me she's getting married with her love of life,farid after been apart for almost a year.ok,its 10 months long lost friend and team mate,nadiah abdul ghani engaged today,my bestfriend is getting married next year,my gang back in high school half of em married.all i hear is WEDDING't a trend to get married earlier?im unable to answer no idea!

btw,i suddenly miss my hazlind shee though.after she sent me an sms few days back and plus today,i realised that our friendship is getting stronger day by day.i mean long distance wont make ur friendship apart,it grows beautifully.hazlind used to b my classmate back in Uitm. a genius,brilliant,prize winners,pwc,hardworking,passionate,loving and sweetheart to me and shakinah.a friend i always refer to when i have problems in study besides liyana.she's just perfect friend to me when something shit happened to me few years back.linds,i miss u u said,u'll wait me with the hugs,so do i.i cnt wait to be in the circle.u,me and shaq+miss lil aida.i wish u r here.pls come to DUBLIN.tak kisah la amik course apa although u have finished ur ACCA dear.

im lacking of ideaa.nak pack g berjalan nieh.i'll b going to east midland on 18 june.there r so many things to do now besides watching my FAV SATC.