Thursday, 5 June 2008


Someone got a new COACH handbag though!!OMG.after a long chat with Umi,she told me dat she bought COACH handbag for cheaper price as COACH MALAYSIA had a sale.she got very good price i tell u.Oh darling,i dun afford all those COACH ok.i wear PRIMARK jer.Lols.pls save the handbag until we go celebrate our birthdays,will u?oh well,its only my dream to get those designers bag except sale up to giler2 price,then i will consider.meantime i just browsed around,mengidam all those designs with a sigh**;p
Pink COACH super lawa pls!

pink coach multi charm

Coach Hamptons Patch

Coach Hamptons Weekends

im currently at tasya's new hse in blanchard.the hse mmg lawa and im loving it.oh i want this hse can iiiii?still seeking for new hse to move.probably a small hse which cozy and comfortable to live in.ttyl.nak watch movieeeee online!



The Juicy Bunny said...

Yea I like that pink coach but I prefer LV heee or Jimmy Choo.

Take pics of your place and post them here la.

umi said...

aduh...kepochi la makcik.
hahaha, hv i influenced u?
alritey, i'll go check LV sini for the price k. xoxo, miss u lots.

p/s: jgn lawan tokey :P

akmaelinda said...

okayh babeh!