Monday, 30 June 2008

Being a shoes fettish

i was supposed to go send out my CV for internship but due to my konon jet lag,wasnt able to do awake like hell 12 pm after daddy called me regarding my dentist i woke up.stood up infront TV,checked my phone inbox,went to kitchen grab some chocos,called kema & aunt angah.btw will have a date with kema tmrw!yeay!soooo excited after almost a year..two akmas r so gossips girl.had dinner at kopitiam danau kota just now.i only went to dublin for 10 months and there were so many things had changed.danau kota became more cool just like tmn melati a place where i grew up.smua dah ader.u can have kopitiam,secret recipe,bla bla<-too much.i wish dublin has place to lepak during nite.bosan duth.pubs r full with drunkers!u cant get all those FEAST in dublin.lols.ok,this heaven is only temporary till i go back.well,since i gone,my shoes are all over places.kat bwh katil la,kat depan la,kat dlm la and i didnt manage to gather all.gerams.i wore flip flops to go out nowadays.need my SHOES!!oh yea,will go for mani and pedi probably this wed or thurs and so spa.cant wait then!