Saturday, 14 June 2008


im moving hse soon but still seeking for the nice hse to fit in.well,im so excited to get away from Dublin.going to east midland next 18june for a week.i did my packing for both holiday and moving hse.yeayyy!!will be doing girlie shopping weekend too in London with kak its like a full package ber-enjoy.

btw,i cannot deny the fact i miss my girls so so many things happen and i cant wait to be back although its like long time to go but who cares?i want to be home.home is where my heart is.besides,i cant wait to indulge myself though.i wanna go manicuring and pedicuring after 10 months being pokai in Dublin.i want to have a spa,herb sauna and massage esp by Nurul at Tini Spa or at Arabic beauty.its marvellous u know.i wanna get my hair done everyday.ha ha; treatment is a must.chop off my long hair and bla bla.

oh yea.i seemed so obsessed abt my figure now.need to tone up ok.omg.since when i become too concern.its being 10 months i didnt feel ol those indulgement.of course becoz living abroad bukan nyer senang unlike some ppl suka suki mengata org "i tot u r high maintenance bitch but end up u r low maintenancce bitch".dats harsh kan?excuse girl,Dublin tak der spa yg cheap and of course i dun afford u Moron.