Tuesday, 7 July 2009

301 post?

Blogging at 12am.Super freezing like hell-o,its Summer pls!I shall sleep by now but i couldnt sleep.Kena tune my sleepy head.I usually sleep early but not after month of May.Crazy though!Oh,i went shopping today.Ops,blame Els and Bun for making me went wild and so Fairy & Tash.3 dresses.Broke again.Pls.pls.i wish ader grant ke apa.Lols.Fairy,Rina and Tash r going to Bristol for day trip.Envy ok.U know lah,now swine flu-ish is so bad.PapaMama wont allow me to anywhere.Padan Muka kan?At this time round,i wanna go home because i miss PapaMama so much.I miss to hug,to kiss and pls,i admit i am spoil brat.Sapa lagi brat kat umah kan?


Happy 1st month bestfriend:))
Eyh,bestfriend pun ader anniv ok.Incase Liyana came across this,this month gonna be our 6 years anniv of being best friend and so Miera.Remember,even we r miles away,u girls always in my heart.Reminiscing good old days make me smile smp telinga!

Ok,nak catch up with things stranded since tadi.Ttyl.

p/s:berg,lengan u makin besaq ke?Pfftt,u bole bina badan laaahhhh:p


Princess said...

who's your one month bestfriend la darling ? :D 6 yrs eh ? gosh, that's a very long time..come back soon babe..we should catch up..like the old days..oh, did u know..da 'L' guy is now a cabin crew ? ;) tc hun..*love*