Friday, 17 July 2009


Random videos of birthday's celebration.More pictures,facebook ok?Fairyyy,i nak video inside my room pls:p


p/s:Els speech "semoga cepat2 dpt bf".Lols.omg.not funny ok!

Sleepyhead tonite after had nasi lemak*yawn*


and my wishes for this year's birthday:

1.Jadi anak solehah,taat and succeed in life
2.Get a better job!!InsyaAllah.I had enuff of being brat and all the time burdening papa&mama
3.More matured in everything
4.Tak skip solat because i always do& recite Quran.
5.Get married in 4 years time.Hahaha.omg.pls la.Ok smua org dah nak settle down:p
6.Loving myself more than anything else in this world
7.Less shopping perhaps.I dont want to be chronic shopa.Enuff of asyik tinggal 1 pound:-0
8. :)
9. <333
10.Appreciate and cherish every bit of life experience.