Thursday, 30 July 2009


What has pissed my way through life is fundamental conflict in relationship.I taught having another person in my life will double the joy and at the end i'll find it mess.Totally jeopardise.I had short conversation with one of my best friends,she told me she's in pain.So tell me,what is love all about?Having a companion,best friend next to u and share everything even lil thing?What about the pain,the fights and ignoring each other for weeks to months to years?The issue I'm trying to bring out is how do we deal with in matured relationship when u are at the stage of ideal to get married?Its really scares me.Life after marriage would be a big question mark.I cannot deny the fact there are couples live happily(our parents especially).I admit that by looking at my good friends taking a step ahead and settle down.I wonder how did they deal when such issue arise.Perhaps,i havent grown up yet to deal with it.For time being,the best way is to pray to Allah,giving me the right path to walk.Relationship will not be everything in life.There are things u really want so much rather than talking about L word.

Enuff of those!

Papa rang me 7am in the morn.U know lah check out on me and informed me that $$$ is in the a/c.Yeay!I have to save lil bit since i bought loads of dresses within a week.blom pun pkai lagi.What a waste.I had few dresses in the closet with tag.I guess,i need to do my own garage sale.So we had our anak beranak webbie session later this afternoon.I was told one of my second cousin hooked up with korean and now the korean guy been charged due to money problem.What a shocked.My not so closed cousin Joanne in love with him and admit they are married.Papa was really worried if I hooked up with any foreigners.Hahaha.Memang tak pls!

I guess this entry is too long.I'll write it again later.Time constraints!