Thursday, 16 July 2009


Thank u so muchos for those who sent smses while im sleeping and rang me all the way from Malaysia.Really appreciate it especially my "kesayangans".Even we r miles away,the distance is not the matter.To be honest this year's birthday will not be the same without u all around.Indeed this is the worst birthday ever.I need u all badly.All the plans u guys nak arrange once im back in Malaysia,will be written down.I nak claiiiimmmm ok!

My girlfriends tercinta,I love u all sangat-sangat:)
The Boyfriends ter-miss.Rinduuuu to hang out:)
PapaMama and loving aunties&uncles,Thankkk u for everything:)

The thoughts that count.As for now,

Thank u for the wishes.Sorry nak mention one by one name byk but u know who u are.U know how much i miss u all dearly.



superumi said...

kita sama-sama turned 24!! woohoo =)