Monday, 13 July 2009

Long lost and found it

After a lil while,we didnt get to keep in touch and connected.Elya and i had our webbie session for the very 1st time after a year.Yes,she was my best friend back in ATMA and we decided to leave ATMA for the sake of future.Things have changed.She is now TV9's TV presenter after completing her degree in Uitm.Ayu pls!

I still remember 3 years back,we were having big prob in relationship.We cried everyday and we shared lotsa moment of crying because of relationship.As far as i remember,Elya came to my hse late at nite to ensure im fine.We gave each other strength.OMG.Funny ok when came across good old days memories with her especially but the when we both had bf in ATMA where every weekend elya and i will visit them.Yes,we both had bf in ATMA.i was with this fella fr rmc and elya pun.Omg.mcm lawaakkk pls.

Had great time webbie with her!Sweet reunite!I love u Ya!alwayssss:)


QilahLala said...

alahaiii, lamanya i tak jumpa dia.. my nephew(amir) ingt lagi kalau i ckp auntie doll..hehe

nad said...

eh u dulu belajar kat atma? u mean the army tuh ke??