Friday, 17 July 2009

Long surprises story.

I had 2 surpises on my birthday from my dearly friends.Innitially I was really frustrated and sad because they couldnt careless to text me on my birthday and not even a call(Meteor is a free call kot).Mcm nak nangis la kan.How cud they have forgotten my birthday!So i went out wit elina because she wanted to treat me.We had coffee at temple bar and heading to Salamanca.Before that,Bun rang me konon nyer nak ajak i kuar with her crush who happened to be an irish.I refused to go out with her since I had a date with elina and still i couldnt smell any fishy plan.

After had our dinner,Els rang me.She's at Brown Thomas window shopping kononnyer and wanted to c me before going to Cork this weekend.We met up.Then ajak coffee-ing at Soho.I tot of having coffee at Bewleys since thats our favourite spot but she wanted to have it at Soho instead.I seriously have no clue because everyone ignored me for God Sake.When i arrived,Els suddenly "supriseeee Ma".Yes there were Mary and Bun at Soho.Sioooots.Tipah tertipu pls.It was their plan by making up story kononnyer Bun wanted to date an Irish.Haaaa.We had our dinner.Sumpah Im full..Bloated with Salamanca's Tapas which is sooo yummylicious!Again,they suprised again with the chocos cake.Alaaaaaaaaaaaaa..sweeetttt la u girls.Thanks a mil:)

Arrived home at 1030pm.Checking out the pictures until another bunch brought the cake inside my room with the song.Ahaaaaaaaaaaaa.Another surprise from Fairy,Tasha,Rina & Elina.To be honest,i have no idea they were hiding in Elina's room.Haaaaaaaaa..I had another cakeeeeeeeee for today.Later then,Muntaz plak came over to make the whole house became so kaypooh.So we had our cake,pizza,gossips and catching up.They have planned for everything today.It was their plan not to call and text me.Cheh.U girls made me cried okkk?

Thanks again to all of u!

Elina: for being the best actress ever and the food too!

Bun,Mary & Els: for the cake,surprise and u all nyer acting sgt la bagus!

and not least,
Fairy,Tasha,Elina,Rina and Muntaz for ignoring me and totally forgotten my birthday.

You girls made my 24th Birthday and 1st ever birthday in Dublin very meaningful.

I loveeeeeee u all sgt:)

I had chocos cake & white chocos cake in one day!Yeay!


Ashikin said...

my dearest akma, happy 24th birthday! tak sangka kita dah 24 thn kan.. well i wish u have the great one n i wish ur wishes will come true n be safe there. hugs n kissesss***